School fees

Full-day attendance (Monthly flat rate tuition)
 5 days/week/11hours per day CZK 7000,- Meal plan CZK 1.800,- Total CZK  8.900,-
 3 days/week/11 hours per day CZK 5.000,- Meal plan CZK 1.000,- Total CZK   6.100,-
Half-day attendance (Monthly flat rate tuition) *
 5 days/week/6 hours per day CZK 5.000,- Meal plan CZK 1.500,- Total CZK  6.500,-
3 days/week/6 hours per day 4.000,- Meal 1000,- Total 5.000,-

* Half-day attendance morning (7:00 - 13:00 hod) afternoon (12:00 - 18:00)


Daily rate **
Daily tuition/11 hours per day  flat rate (meal included) CZK 680,-

**  this tariff is only for cash payments upon delivery of a child to kindergarten


  • The transition between the tariffs is possible only by the 20th of the month for the following month.
  • School fees and the price of tuition is a flat rate and is not affected by the absence of the child.
  • The agreed rate of tuition fees can not be changed within one month.  
  • The transition between the tariffs is possible only by the 20th of the month for the following month. 
  • Unused days can be substituted only in the same month, can not be converted to the next month. 
  • In case of illness of a child longer than 14 days, could be negotiate the tariff change.
  • Payment be paid by bank transfer in full rate at the 20th day of current calendar month for following month (by 20th August for September) to account No. 2100592399/2010,  with variable symbol, which is the first six digits personal identification number of a child. 
  • Billing is on a monthly basis.
  • In all tariffs must be paid the full allowance and any overpayment claim under the bill. 
  • In case of delay of payment of tuition fees per diems by more than 14 days, child will be excluded.

Daily meal allowances consist of:

Morning snack 50 g - 70 g
Lunch soup 0,1 l
main course 70 g
Afternoon snack 1 piece (cca 50 g)

Drinking reginen  –  is maintained throughout the entire day. In any amount of tea, fruit drinks and water.

The weekly menu is posted on our the website.

  • Payment should be paid by bank transfer together with a flat rate for tition for the following month at the 20th day of the current calendar month, to account number 2100592399/2010 with variable symbol, which is the first six numbers, personal identification number of your child. 
  • Statement of meal allowance will be made ​​only only once a year, to 31.8. or the end of the month following the termination of attendance of the child based on your requests according to the form, which is available for download here, including examples of completion. 
  • If you do not submit billing in these terms, your claim will be considered as a gift to kindergarten and thank you in advance. 
  • Checking out and in daily meal allowance is only possible at tel. +420 776 894 089 and no later than one day in advance before 13:00. Then it is not possible to refund the meal allowance under the bill to perform.


The procedure in the absence of the child during illness 

  • Check-out is to be made by telephone or by SMS to the phone number +420 776 894 089 and no later than one day in advance before 15:00.  Then it is not possible to refund the meal allowance under the bill to perform. 
  • On the same day - the fist day subsistence allowance is calculated for the other days of absence, the meal allowance is not charged. 
  • At the conclusion of absence logged out of the child requires that parents will report the child's start date one day in advance before 13:00 in order to ensure food.
In case that you fail to log out meal allowance in time you can pick it up in your own lunch box between 11:00 to 11:30 in kindergarten.


Price list above standard


We also provide babysitting beyond the opening hours of the school.

Babysitting is even for children who are not enrolled in school. Siblings of supervised child have a 50% discount.

Those interested can contact us at tel: +420 602 591 517