Weekly Lunch Menu


    Our menu is designed in line with the principles of a healthy diet. Lunch and snacks are always fresh and made from high-quality ingredients.

In case that you fail to log out meal allowance in time you can pick it up in your own lunch box between 11:00 to 11:30 in kindergarten.

Week  20.5. - 24.5.. 2018

Soup      BIO lentil soup
Standard  Salmon nuggets in batter with mashed potatoes

Food Baked Gnocchi with Dried Tomatoes and Gorgonzola

Soup Homemade onion soup with meat broth
Standard To soft roast beef (CZ) on tomatoes and vegetables with Basmati rice
Vegetarian   Risotto with cabbage, smoked tofu and baby carrot + vegetable salad
Soup Hungarian poultry soup

Pork in cream-mushroom sauce with bread dumplings

Vegetarian Baked Sicilian potatoes with cheese and peas + vegetable salad
Soup Beef broth with liver drip

Chicken on greens with mashed potatoes + vegetable salad


Baked pasta with cheese, basil pesto and crushed ital. tomato + vegetable salad

Soup Leek
Standard Buns Honza with cottage cheese + grain white coffee
Vegetarian Buns Honza with cottage cheese + grain white coffee
garlic soup