International Children's Games

Dear parentes
Let me inform you, on behalf of the civic association Standart Island and Dráček kindergarten invited in the period from 17th to October 21st, 2016 on the afternoon playing activities for children nad parentes. Kindergarten has currently operates a multicultural classroom, where we have children from India, Korea, Italy, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Libya, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, of course. 
We believe that the friendship between children of different nationalities not only leads to increased contacts between their parents, but it has a crucial influence on the seamless coexistence of different cultures and nationalities in adulthood. Children in joint activities with their peers seek out what they are different, but look for what unites them in what they are alike. Otherness us adults apart delays and differences in support misunderstanding. In our workshops, meetings and collaborative work looking situations, stories, feelings archetypes that unite us, even though their form may be different. Children are the best teachers of their parents, so high hopes on the involvement of children as the main actors of this meeting. 
The aim of multicultural week is finding common within the customs, traditions, lifestyle, leisure activities, food, education, family life, philosophy or religion. 
Every day of the week will be thematically dedicated to a national minority - tentatively German, Polish, Romany, Russian, Italian. All activities will be implemented under the leadership of our friends and colleagues who are authentic representatives of the minorities. The program will be implemented so that each participant could participate in its activities within the scope of their discretion - visitors will be able to come regularly. 
The program will have the following structure: 
- Information on national minority (history, size, organization, activities) 
- The active participation of representatives of the minorities (discussions), workshops 
- Examples of the culture, traditions, holidays and language with elements of dance and musical therapy 
- Screening of thematic materials (eg. The documents, records, dance performances) 
- Tasting of typical dishes 
- Information on national minority form of joint games 
- Examples of the culture, traditions, holidays and language with elements of dance and musical therapy 
- Games and fairy tales of the minority 
- Tasting of typical dishes 
- Artistic theatrical workshops 
We hope to accept our invitation and come to us for a moment look a little tinker. We feel that especially today, so tense time, activities of a similar nature are very important to the majority of our society open and helped to break down many entrenched xenophobia in all of us. 
Have a nice day and we look forward to seeing you
Children and their families from other countries are more than wellcome.