Summer holiday in the kindergarten

Our kindergarten LITTLE DRAGON opens the door for all the holidays for children aged 2-7 years and offers all-day program from 7am to 6pm full of experiences, adventures, interactive activities, entertainment and fun.
Children will find friends and good teachers too.
Capacity on each weekly activity is up to 20 children. Priority is given to siblings.


Weekly program



The imaginary traveling around Australia, children learn about the Australian outback, with poisonous snakes and spiders, which children will be produced from natural materials. Become familiar with all the animals that live only on the Australian continent through interactive indoor outdoor games. Children will get the chance to recognize musical instrument didgeridoo, try to sing and dance Australian folk song in which is a lot of claps plays the drums and set off all sorts of shrieks. We're going to dive the coral reefs and playing on the Sydney Opera House.


Within a week after in Asia we go to India for peaceful and harmonizing yoga, taste a variety of spices, we will learn and we will enjoy a Thai massage, try Chinese Tai- chi. in art class, the children can look forward to creating images of rice, writing and drawing pen calligraphic images. Let's try an Asian martial arts and philosophy. Let's go exploring in the context of world's highest mountains climbing and hiking, playing on the Sherpa and we will meet  traveler Livingstone.

Africa During exploring African  continent children learn African ritual dance with drums. We will play like shamans,  play the drums and we will concentrate  on developing a sense of rhythm. We will invite our friend from the Congo , who will teach us songs and will be with us to talk about Africa. Children can build their hut in the park, to produce images with an African theme and plaster tribal masks. Do not forget the strange fauna of African virgin forests and steppes and of course visit the ZOO.

Children will create a map of Europe continent, to recognize the states in the  neighbor of the Czech Republic. Children recognize the differences between countries both in movement and music. Children will learn about the typical boisterous Irish dance, will dance the Spanish flamenco Greek or round dance Sirtaki. In music, the children see the Scottish bagpipes, Lapland folk music, Viennese waltz and more. Children makes it’s own windmill typical of the Netherlands and embossed ceramic Tiles decorated with seashells. A lot of time we spend in the Czech woods, picking raspberries, strawberries and mushroom.


In America , children learn through American jazz music and dance. Let us sing and dance American country and not to forget the modern hiphop and streetdance. South America children impetus Latin-American dance : - ) Children will create an American flag, familiar with the story of the discovery of this continent Colombo. We will become a week Indians, blacks and white. We will build ship for pirates and manufacture Indian headdresses. We will learn to shoot a bow. We do not forget the pyramid of Yucatan and Mayan legend of the tribes. America will fly in a hot air balloon.


The life was born in water. We will learn about  the water and what water means to us, chat the water  gives us. We will show to children how can we play and what everything we can do with the water. Produce our own bubble blower, maxi experience a bubble show. We'll paint large pictures, go to discover VIDA Center. We will learn not to be afraid of water, such as swimmers and divers, get acquainted with aquatic creatures, fish, mammals, mollusks. In the forest we will seek wells and sail boats on the lake. Visit our sea captain and our crew will learn how the sailboat works.


Of the ground grows everything we eat, the ground  hides a lot of precious stones and gems. We will learn how  to seek and explore. Grow your own plant and we will learn to dance African dance which is connected with our planet Earth. There are many animals on our planet. We will visit the caves in the Moravian Karst and will constitute the clay. More art work will be based not only on natural groups of materials, but also from recycled plastic caps, jars and paper. We're going to look at fossils and we will examine where and how work volcanoes. We'll try to track down some provincial treasures (Geocaching).


Airline dragons, birds, air machines, flying, that we will be interested. Use Origamu create a middle air Kingdom. We will learn aerial dance in which using various tools vortexes space - fans, veils, scarves, wands. We will use air for us to have played the flute, learn new songs, working with breath while running, dancing or relaxing. We will sway in the air like a monkey on a chairlift in Jungle Park. Use air to inflate an air castle, where we will jump high in the air on trampolines to learn stride, shrimp and somersaults. Stacking great aircraft, which we will sends from the  high hill to poppy or the sun. We will fulfill every one wishes airy.


With the manufactured rocket we will fly our last vacation week into our galaxy. We will learn about all the planets we find out how they look, how and where they move. Playing on the astronauts, who not only fly in space, practicing their agility, are in a state of weightlessness, exploring undiscovered. We will make a mock-up planet Earth, or Jupiter, looking into a black hole. The stars in the sky recognize animals in the zodiac it and learn how they behave (work with archetypes ). We will visit the Technical Museum and Planetarium.



Duration Tuition Meal price
1 day CZK    600,-  CZK      80,-
1 week CZK 3.000,-  CZK    400,-
2 weeks CZK 5.000,-  CZK   800,-
3 weeks CZK 6.000,-  CZK 1.200,-
4 weeks CZK 7.000,-  CZK 1.840,-


Food and drinks for the duration of stay of children available. 
Discount for siblings 10%.

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