Events Calendar

Project day "Halloween" - Tigers

30/10/2015 08:00
This Friday we will celebrate Halloween with Little Tigers. Entrance to the class only with Halloween cotume!!! :-)  

Ceramic class - Tigers

29/10/2015 10:00
We will need CZK 40,-

Meeting with parents - Tigers

19/10/2015 17:30
We would like to invite all parents of children from our multilingual class on short meeting. We will talk about the program (nights in kindergarten, swimming classes, after school activities, scheduled events, a project developed in cooperation with the retirement home, and another program...

Ceramic class - Tigers

14/10/2015 10:00
We will need CZK 40,-  

Theatrical Play - Tigers and Dragons

12/10/2015 10:15
Polárka Theatre Theatrical Play: Kašpárek detektivem We will need CZK 60,-    

International Children's Games

05/10/2015 00:00
From 5th of October until 9th of October we will open our kindergarten to the public as part of a multicultural week:

Ceramic Class - Tigers

30/09/2015 10:00
We will need CZK 40,- 

Match in marbles - Dragons and Tygers

24/06/2015 09:00
  Our school will take part in the 2nd year of Marbles Match, the tournament is for the Brno kindergartens and primary schools in playing marbles into the above-ground pits, which organizes Hady Gymnasium, Mendel University and STAREZ Brno.   Marbles Match will be held on June 24,...

Whole day trip on the Brno's dam, castle Veveří and Kozí horka - Dragons and Tigers

19/06/2015 08:00
  At 9:15 steamboat will take us to the castle Veveří, where we will do a 50-minute tour of the castle. Then we will grill sausages. Way back will be again by steamer to Kozí horka, where we'll play and we'll walk towards the dock where we had to catch the tram into the city.   We...

Photographer in the kindergarten - Tigers and Dragons

18/06/2015 09:00
We will take pictures together for the end of the school year 2014/2015. We ask for the maximum participation of children - Whether you have a memory of our kindergarten and this school year.   Thanks