One day trip to Anthropos - Tigers and Dragons

24/04/2016 21:07

Coming into kindergarten is required every Tuesday until 8:00 am to catch everything that we plan. We ask parents to bring kids, as soon as possible!!! For children who regularly go home after lunch, offering either variant: kids will be with one teacher in kindergarten and after lunch will leave, how they are used to or join us on a trip. Regular return to the nursery is always between 15:00-16:00 pm. 
After lunch, the children will have the possibility to rest awhile, but not sleeping. On the notice board will always cluttered information about where to go on Tuesday, leaving the way by bus, tram or where we were going and when we return.
Suitable clothes - In summer headgear, during inclement weather waterproof jacket or raincoat, good shoes - comfortable, drink, all in a small backpack which will not falling from the shoulders (secure fastening to the chest). If you wish, you can spray the kids precaution against ticks.