Kindergartens across the borders

17/01/2015 17:43

Next week, our teachers from multilingual class Šárka and Denisa will take part in internships in Finland. This 10 days long educational stay in kindergartens in Tampere, Finland is part of the course Kindergartens across the borders. And our school is proud to participate in this project.

It is project of Vacation School Lipnice, which deals with experiential learning and that responds to current trends in education, this school is active in civil society issues, maintains a system of internal training and brings together a team of experts and last but not least is thus fulfilling its vision of non-formal education.

The project gives substance to the intention of the Ministry of Education to promote education for teachers, lecturers and staff of educational institutions with emphasis on kindergarten teachers. The project also includes an internship abroad, which has a target audience to connect with colleagues abroad, with their methodology and activities with children.

The specific output for each participant:
  • mentor for your own school
  • concept of experiential program for its own kindergarten

The project has a web, where are photos, videos, and shared space for the participants.

The project objective are:
  •   enhance the competencies of teaching staff of kindergartens
  •   completing and extending their skills
  •   motivate and inspire them to other activities and work
  •   familiarize teachers with the principle of constructivist-oriented education through experiential learning
  •   widen their expertise and competencies of teachers, causing even further success in professional life and significantly reflected in the approach to children
  •   increase the quality of teachers in kindergartens so that can bring quality, creative and developing programs for children. 

More in official web page: