Our Objectives


Pre-school education in Dráček Nursery School has the following objectives:


  • It builds on the child’s upbringing in the family / the teacher acts as a family friend
  • It facilitates the children’s transition from family care to being part of a peer group and to a systematic educational process / for the teacher it is important to get to know the family environment from which the child comes, to focus on the child’s individuality, interests and hobbies; to show interest and ask the parents what the child enjoys most, what makes the child happiest, what the child is worried about or afraid of, what motivates the child and how he or she behaves as part of the group.
  • It is based on understanding, respecting and developing the individual needs, abilities and interests of every child.
  • It creates the right conditions for children with special educational needs.
  • It prepares the children for successful entry into the first or preliminary year of elementary school.