Little Turtles


    Little Turtles are our multilingual class with children of different nationalities and cultures. In this class, you would find children 2 to 6 years, who help each other and learn from their friends. In our class, you can hear the children speak English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech as well as their teacher Mrs. Arti speaking English and Hindi (sometimes Czech :-)) and Mrs. Denisa Czech-speaking mainly (but when it is necessary she speaks German or Polish). 

    Our children are from all over the world, different cultures and religions. And very often is not ease for them to live here in Czech Republic. Therefore, in this class they have friends and girlfriends, with whom, in addition to English and Czech language they learn to adapt to the Czech conditions. Mostly helps them music and games, with which the world is more cheerful.