What Children Need 

    To help children feel more enjoyable in our nursery school, it is necessary to equip them from home with following things: 
  • Convenient and practical clothes to the interior of the nursery. The child in this clothes will spend most of the day. Therefore is very important that the child feel really comfortable in it. * 
  • Slippers, it means any comfortable shoes to wear only in the class. * 
  • The outdoors clothes. Customize the season. We recommend one set of clothes on the sand, where the child can get dirty and the other for walks. * 
  • Weather is sometimes grudging, and therefore everyone should have a raincoat and rain boots
  • With children you never know what lead out or what will happen, and therefore it would be handy to have a complete spare clothes. * 
  • To the nap we lying down in pajamas! * 
  • Even if it is not a cold, handkerchief in the pocket is very handy.
  • In our school we keep dental hygiene and because of that we require the cup, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • If your child use them we need diapers and wet wipes
* To avoid losing these things, please sign or mark them.