Date 30/10/2014

By Tatjana Hornstein

Subject Many thanks for being the best at what you do!

I would like to thank the whole team for taking such good care of and putting so much patience into our kids.

Especially many thanks to Katka (director), Sarka (head teacher of my sons class) and thank you for helping me by staying with him when I have to work on public holidays!

Also many thanks to the teacher (forgot the name :( ) who takes care of my son from 17 till 18 o'clock and takes time to teach him the Czech language. Thank you for putting so much effort into him!

You guys are great! If I have the chance to recommand you to any other parents, I will do so without any hesitation or doubt!

I believe any parent should be at ease by leaving their children with someone who would selflessly do everything for them, and these people are you!

Our kids are in good hands, here at MS Dracek.